Monday, January 12, 2004

Hummer and the High Life reports that Hummer is going to be selling shoes.
Hummer Footwear aims to differentiate from competitors by selling through higher-end retailers and using unusual materials, such as Yak leather. "We designed the footwear from the ground up, based on the image of Hummer," Mr. Saliman said. "We give retailers a story, bring some show biz to the shoe biz."
Makes me want to yak. ;) Although I do like this in a way, but it does take the fun and mystery out of the discovery of who is or is not an ass.

Miller 'High Life' commericals could become TV show.
"Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, Ore., the brewer's ad shop; its production house, Radical Media, New York; and director Errol Morris are working to develop an Archie Bunker-like TV series based on the 5-year-old campaign for Miller High Life beer that features ironic voice-over musings on the simple pleasures of the blue-collar life.
"The High Life" is one of several titles under consideration for the show, according to Mr. Morris, who told in an interview last week that he would like to begin production on the series as early as February. The show is being created and written by the Wieden creative team responsible for the award-winning beer campaign..."
Is this going to be the next fad in advertising? Hmmm. ;) As the article says, they have to be careful with an idea like this especially as its success has been more of an underground movement.

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