Friday, April 16, 2004

Friday funk

+ Heineken is ready to help us through a rough election year.
Heineken-Election Year
by Publicis, NY. Post by Mill.

+ Soccer players show off before the game. Nike- The Other Game, by W+K Amsterdam. (post by Mill.)

+ Not sure if I posted this one up already, but in case I haven't, here's the Ford Fiesta-Pinball spot directed by Antoine Bardou-Jacquet for Ogilvy & Mather. (post by Mill).

+ Everyone needs some fun during the day. Kit Kat -Medley by JWT. (post by Rushes.)

+ Watch the feathers fly. Axe Dry anti-perspirant- "Handy Man" By: Lowe Bull, Cape Town.

+ Russian spies are back in this JWT/Diago Great Britian spot for Smirnoff vodka - Matryoshka.

+ Men and sled dog switch places. Mountain Dew- Sled by BBDO.

+ Publicis' Hype project for Hewlett Packard has come to an end, but you can view all the work at the online gallery.
The art gallery concept stemmed from the desire for HP to target young artists. Publicis recommended the art gallery instead of traditional media/advertising. The idea was for people to go and have their work printed out on large format HP printers and projected by digital projectors. Each day the exhibit changed depending on the work brought in. Also, images could be uploaded and sent to print or project from off-site locations as well. Pretty cool stuff. Even the design of the site, and the navigation is tres chic!

+ If I ruled design flash game- (cheers to Clay for the find.)

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