Saturday, April 17, 2004

It's the time of the season

+ Asia's advertising mavericks takes a look at some of the Asian Creative Directors who are attracting global attention.

+ Product Placement on Television- is it really effective and persuasive? Two exerpts from the article: "'There has been product placement in the movies for a long time,' says Tobe Berkovitz, COM associate dean and an associate professor of communication. 'And it's also been on television for a while, especially automobile brands.? After all, cops on the classic shows Hawaii 5-0 and The FBI drove only Fords, and Ford Motor Company just happened to sponsor the programs. 'But the prolific 'pay and place your product all over the place' strategy is somewhat new,' he says."
"Product placement is not without controversy. Consumer watchdog groups have been vehemently complaining about the tactic. Some parents argue that 'embedded' television advertising has too much influence on children. Commercial Alert, an organization cofounded by Ralph Nader, calls the practice 'an affront to basic honesty.' Last September it filed petitions with the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communications Commission asking for full disclosure of all product placement arrangements, not only at the outset of a show, but also during the show, 'outing' the 'hidden' advertising as it pops up."

+ Risque might be too risky for ads- Advertisers are starting to reconsider their blantent use of sex in ads as the public seems to be at what Donny Deutsch says is a "reflective stage".

+ Ovaltine turns 100 this year and is as popular as ever. Article includes image showing the changes in package design over the century.

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