Saturday, May 08, 2004

Cool stuff to watch

+ "Beauty Sleep" for Virgin Atlantic done by RKCR/Y&R London. Very good.

+ "Wave" for Borsodi Sorgyar done at Y&R Budapest. Nice execution.

+ "Wardrobe Malfunction" for Burger King done by the amazing guys over at CP+B. Love this campaign. Another great ad.

+ Bush and Blair sing "Love Song"- Not sure what this is for but it's damn funny. Check it out.

+ "Funeral Streaker" for London Rugby Sevens. Yup, another streaker ad.

+ "Dving" for John Smith's Extra Smooth Bitter.

+ Check out the ad for Mike's Hard Lime. (Enter site- flash- click on TV and watch the TV spot- no direct link since it's a flashy site). Saw this on telly last night. My reaction was " that's sexual". Still it's a pretty good spot. Especially since the sex thing is turned around. Smart guys doing the ads on this one, since more women probably drink the product than guys.

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