Saturday, May 15, 2004


+ Someone's lovin' it. McDonald's thinks that because their campaign has a high level of awareness, it's popular. Not a smart mistake to make. They are preparing to launch more ads - hopefully not with the same frequency as last time. Just because I see a commercial 3 billion times does not make me spend my money there. It may result in awareness, but, that's about it.

+ Missed the latest CP+B ad for Burger King salads which broke during the Friends finale? Check it out here. Or visit Ugoff's site, which also contains some of the fake fashion print ads which have shown up in Cosmo and the like.
When you compare what CP+B is doing to the other ads for fast food joints like Wendy's and McDs, there's just something special about what those Florida guys are doing.

+ Colin Millward, a legendary figure in british advertising has moved on up
to the big agency in the sky. In 1960 he was made founding creaive (art)
Director of Collett Dickenson Pearce where he worked on now classic
campaigns like Hamlet, Vogue, Fiat and Benson & Hedges. The Telegraph writes: "The legendary maverick who put British ads on the map." Check out the old ads at the History of Advertising Trust Archives, featuring the work from CDP. (via Dab.)

+ Today is the first day of the 45th CLIO Awards Festival in Miami Beach. Tomorrow the Lifetime Achivement Award will be presented to Lee Clow, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer Worldwide at TBWA/Chiat/Day.

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