Wednesday, May 05, 2004

May flowers

+ Campbells goes retro with Warhol art. (via Clay)

+What's your birthday color? Matches your birthday to a pantone color. (via Dab)

+ Are most internships illegal? (via Dab)

+ Interpublic releases salaries of top execs. "Interpublic's board gave management hefty bonuses -- not as a reward for the holding company's performance, which still lags that of rivals, but for executives' work in moving Interpublic ahead in a difficult turnaround." So these guys get bonuses for laying people off? Strange.
"The board also signaled a shift in incentive compensation starting in 2004 toward awards of stock tied to future results, an effort to more closely link pay to company performance." Of course, now that the management got their dough, the rest of the folks who should be getting their raises, etc won't be getting salary raises or bonuses, but stock. How nice.
Sickening, annoying, and yet, not at all surprising. Especially this part: "Brian Brooks, former executive vice president and chief talent and human resources officer who resigned from the company on Feb. 27, will continue to receive his annual salary of $495,000 until February 2005. Mr. Brooks remains a consultant to Interpublic and is entitled to $400 an hour for non-executive recruitment duties."

+ Typoholism. Amusing. (Via Clay & Mefi)

+ International icons for cereal from the early 1900s-today.

+ Smoking gun has some of the 1600 letters of complaint sent to the FCC after Oprah talked about naughty stuff at 4pm. (via Dab)

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