Sunday, May 23, 2004

That's the power of ads

+ EU election ad encouraging people to vote gets altered for British only - All other EU countries will see the film in its entirity. "A film encouraging people to vote in the European elections has been "censored" for British viewers because it showed a glimpse of a nipple. Originally the nipple appeared in a brief sequence showing a baby trying to make up its mind about breastfeeding. The film is intended to show that people have to make choices." It's hard to get the connection between a baby choosing to breast feed and the choice of voting - but maybe it works. I'd have to see it I guess to really know if it is good or bad. But it does seem somewhat like a disconnect-comparing the two. I mean, don't babies want to breastfeed? Isn't that natural instinct? *shrug*

+ Ad biz in recovery mode. Or so they say. Still seems like it's taking its sweet time. Although there have been more openings in recent months. Baby steps I guess.

+ Gas prices and truth in signage- From a Mobile station in Georgia, USA. (click link to see the image.)

+ The first day of the D&AD awards was Friday. Some of the shortlisted TV spots include 3 Honda spots (including the well-known "Cog" ad) and an Adidas spot featuring Beckham. The final day of the awards is May 26th (Wed) and after that, all Yellow Pencils will be handed out...if there are any to be given out. Although I do think that "Cog" stands a rather good chance of getting one. There's loads more to see on the Nominations part of the site as well. View the TV spots, check out the print ads, and listen to the radio spots. Winners will be posted May 27th (Thursday).

+ Dan Wieden interviewed on advertising. "For Wieden, the philosophy is simple: "Creative people need some sense of security in which they can operate -- some sense that they're loved, quite honestly, and respected -- and then asked to do daring things."" A decent article worth checking out.

+ NPR's Scott Simon speaks with Barbara Lippert of Adweek about the Clio Award Show from last week. (listen to it at the link)

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