Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Feel the funk

+ The Can is a collaborative art novel, being created by professional illustrators. Looks cool so far. If you're an illustrator you can submit work to be considered for your own page.

+ Effective advertising is all about pleasing the aural sense. "With the catchy session title 'Aural Sex', the session had to be quite a hoot. Armed with some good sound effects, Bruce Dunlop and Associates Australia's creative director Jens Hertzum's post tea break session did just more than just play by the ear. The session was a crash course in the audio element of the advertising. "Audience may not necessarily be watching but they are listening," he said. He spoke on tips and techniques that one can use on a daily basis to beef up their spots and deliver knock out sonic impact.While talking about the steamy world of promo and sound design, music sweetening and voice-over direction, track laying and mastering, Hertzum emphasised that you don't really need much special effect aka more moolah to prove that the ad is effective, good use of the audio feed will do the trick."

+ A potato chip war starts to sizzle in Chicago. Jays Foods Inc. filed a federal lawsuit Monday asking for a permanent injunction against a Frito-Lay Inc. billboard in Chicago, radio ads and other advertising that claim Chicagoans want to crunch on Lay's over Jays. Jays wants evidence for the claims that "Chicago prefers the taste of Lay's over Jays," as a billboard at La Salle and Chicago roars. The lawsuit alleges it is false and misleading advertising and that Frito-Lay is required to turn over its research if it wants to make that claim.

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