Monday, August 09, 2004

:: adgruntie :: Say wha?

+ Millions in US wave bye-bye to overtime. Ok. So here's the part that made my jaw drop, "Reporters, photographers and other news media and advertising workers are among those who may be reclassified as exempt from overtime by being placed in a category of exempt workers known as "creative professionals." "For the first time, classifying them as professionals is discretionary," Anstandig said." I've never, in the 5+ years I've worked in advertising, received overtime pay. So I'm wondering which advertising workers they are speaking of. Because, I would hazard a guess (yea, I know that's dangerous) that the creatives were already a part of that "creative professionals" category. But I wonder why that was to begin with. I could so easily slip into a rant right here about multiple thousands of rounds of changes (ok, ok, I'm exaggerating, a little), last minute jobs that shouldn't have been last minute, and the like, which would eliminate the excessive need for creatives to work insane hours, but I won't. It's been too long of a day.

+ On a separate note, if anyone who comes along here has any links to weblogs/blogs/etc for ad agencies, please post them in the comments. I'm looking to get a list of them going in my links section. Thanks!

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