Friday, August 27, 2004

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+ Inspiral is asking its customers to log on to for a chance to win a spokesperson spot plus $1,000. Users are asked to email in their name and why they love using Inspirals. They must be aged 19 or over. Brian Osterberg, the president of Intellx (which distributes the Inspiral), said: "We need young people talking about why Inspiral's patented spiral-action technology is the best thing since [children's TV character] SpongeBob and discount airlines; not old 'suits' trying to advertise condoms with tepid advertising gimmicks about how good they are."" I like the way they are thinking. Although, I've never heard of the brand. Maybe they need to do some branding as well to get their name out there before they start competing with the big boys.

+ Hidden points us to an article about marketers going after ethnic majorities - The new black over at the Guardian.

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