Thursday, September 02, 2004

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+ Back to the 80s with LA Gear. They say the 80s styles are back this Fall in fashion. And even LA Gear is getting back into action. These ads remind me of Apple ads. Must be the color thing. Created by the folks over at Centric.

+ Word Count shows us the most commonly and least commonly used words in the English language. Nice. (via Stacy)

+ Advertising Week in New York City has launched digital "trading cards", featuring the 52 finalists from the online vote for America's Favorite Ad Icons and Slogans. The free digital trading cards consist of 26 ad icons (ranging from the Trix Rabbit, Smokey Bear, Tony the Tiger, and Mr. Peanut to the Coppertone Girl) and 26 ad slogans, including "A mind is a terrible thing to waste," "It takes a lickin', but it keeps on tickin'," Reach out and touch someone," "Where's the beef?," and "Time to Make the Doughnuts." Found at

+ Coloribus is another badland-like place. All images, no text. Ads are categorized by theme and it's a nice way to see how multiple concepts are used in more than one advert.

+ The future of advertising- yet again. This time from the Boston Globe.   Nice quotes here. "The problem is that there are too many delivery devices for mediocre content. We don't need more places to put ads. People are tired of being interrupted and invaded," Marc Gallucci of Fort Franklin. And, "People are receptive to it as long as it's relevant. If it's not, they'll just walk by. Messages are brought to where people work, live, and play. But the future isn't advertising everywhere all the time. You can kill a consumer with commercial messages, "Steve Mooney, general manager of Jack Morton Worldwide.

+ A brilliant article on women and advertising. "Studies from around the globe suggest women are responsible for 85 per cent of all purchasing decisions – yet by Stevens's reckoning, 80 per cent of all ads either offend women, ignore them or hark back to stereotypes developed 50 years ago." Too many advertisiers and marketers (aka clients) don't get their own customers/consumers...especially women. Recently while watching TV something struck me as odd in a tampon commerical. The copy/AVO said something about it being, all tampons are supposed to be're not supposed to feel them. So the copy point there is a moot one to a woman. Which makes me think either it was penned by a man or the client deemed it a necessary thing to add (also then would probably be a man). Unless you're targeting newly menstrating females, there's no reason to say something like that. It's like saying "Sugar. It's sweet." There's loads of great points made in the article and if you're an adgrunt or client you should read it. It's for your own good. :D (hat tip to Clay).

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