Wednesday, September 08, 2004

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+ Burger King and AOL Music go after young adults. "The burger business has turned digital, with Burger King and AOL Music becoming the latest big brand partners to serve up free music downloads with beef patties to appeal to young adults.
The deal between AOL Music group, owned by Time Warner Inc.'s America Online, and privately held Miami-based Burger King, the second largest restaurant chain, comes on the heels of a similar deal announced in June between market leader McDonald's Corp. and Sony Corp.'s Sony Connect music service. From now through Oct. 3, Burger King restaurants across the country will give away one free music download with every purchase of an Original Whopper sandwich. Customers can enter a unique download code found on their Whopper wrappers at the Web site to get free music downloads from AOL Music, which offers 700,000 songs through a deal with online music provider MusicNet."

+ Scott Donaton wraps up the events of the summer. (reg req)

+ The Commercial Inside The Commerical from CA.
Great advertising finds a way to do it all. Eighty percent of great advertising does not. Ninety percent of great advertising does not. What does it say about an idea if it’s so detached from what you’re selling that you need two commercials? The good creative commercial. And the uncreative-but-hey-so-what-at-least-the-client’s-happy commercial. I really hate that.

So here are the rules from now on:
1. Knock it off with the doughnuts. No more doughnuts, got it? Not in TV. Not in radio. You want doughnuts, think Krispy Kreme. Not commercials. No exceptions. Either find a way to do a really great spot that everyone is loving, or move on.

2. Same goes for coupons. Coupons are fine. They are not fine when they become more than coupons. When you use them as a crutch, a dumping hole for every last crumb of stuff the client wants in the ad, then they are not fine.

3. Stop telling yourself people will only really see the good part of the spot. That they will understand why you felt the need to create this little oasis of informational ugliness within what might have been a very memorable concept. They won’t.

4. Despite what you might think, you are not the first to consider whether or not to sell yourself to the devil. You really are not. I guarantee you, somewhere in one of those agencies you really respect and admire, there’s a creative team grappling with the eternal question: Is it time to make great advertising, or is it time to make the doughnuts?
Great points. A lot of the time this is the easy way out. Being able to integrate the information into the ad itself, properly, is one of the things that make a great commerical so great.

+ And here's some cool stuff fromAdland:
~ ABC brings us the typofile animations of John Lycette, Not my Type IV tells the story of an over-gadgeted office worker and his dysfunctional relationship to machines. (article on Adland here.)
~ The Angus Intervention website. The next phase in the Angus campaign crated By CP+B "parody the self-help movement's affirmations approach by providing users with a list of humorous alternatives to tailor - including 'Stop Wearing Underwear All The Time', 'Stop Chasing Awards' and the ever popular 'Stop Spreading Companywide Emails'." (article on Adland here.)

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