Tuesday, October 19, 2004

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+ Chickenfight.com- another chickeny thing from CP+B and, I'm guessing, the Barbarian Group.

+ Hidden has found the virginbrand (non-official, not linked to the Virgin brand, blog), which links to an interesting article about Branson and his business philosophy on Fast Company.

+ Researcher links to an article "Is Mass Marketing Dead?".

+ Happy Birthday now a registered trademark. "The words “Happy Birthday” can no longer be legally used if they are pinned to any other product, as a private Chinese company has claimed to have registered them as its trademark in 25 countries, including the US, Japan and European Union members this month."

+ Can Sainsbury's rise to the challenge? "Sir Peter's "Business Transformation Programme" had, said Mr King, distracted Sainsbury from focusing on "the customer offer". So now, the company that once symbolised middle-class aspirations is returning to its roots. Sainsbury's will focus on selling better-quality foods at lower prices; making sure that goods are well displayed and not dumped in store rooms. For the time being, Sainsbury's has dropped its advertising slogan, "Good food costs less at Sainsbury", because the message is just not true." Although there is no mention of a temporary slogan to be put in place while they sort out the mess.

+ Is American advertising too PC for its own good?
It's difficult enough to speak directly and to the point, especially in 30 seconds of TV or radio, or even less time in a print ad or in direct mail. But when you have to purposely cloud or defer the words you use in deference to being PC, they're so watered down no one will hear them...The challenge in marketing communications today is not getting your message out. The challenge is framing your message in a way that it actually says some thing that motivates people to act favorably, or at the least, favorably support your brand. (How many times have you been so insulted by an ad that you'll never consider buying that brand? Now there's a great result from a marketing investment.) PC, un-creative agencies and timid clients have made it much harder than ever to communicate because they've turned so many people off. Do you think TiVo would be as popular if commercials were as good as the nuns and glue? Our forefathers fought for free speech, not boring speech.

+ How fluffing the creative can lead advertisers dead on the air. "No matter how good the planning is, a successful advertising campaign must have strong creative tocomplement the strategy – if you get this wrong entire audiences may be missed, says Mark Banham." Some decent points about creativity and effective use of the medium.

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