Wednesday, October 20, 2004

:: adgruntie :: Go Sox- um, and ad stuff

First, a quick "Go Sox!!"- and now on to some ad news...

+ Sony attempting to tackle iPod with Walkman campaign in Europe. "Sony is responding to the popularity of Apple's iPod with a multimillion-pound pan-European ad campaign around its iconic Walkman, created by Fallon London, using the line "Feel the music". Six advertising executions will use time-lapse films to show how urban artists are inspired by the music on their Walkmans. The songs used will be available for download via Sony's online music service Connect."

+ Kotex launches evolution of "Red Dot" campaign. (It's a press release so there's a lot of self-fluff in here.)
Continuing its signature graphic look -- punctuated by the "red dot," which universally represents a woman's period, and innovative insights into young women, the evolved campaign is a 360 degree communication. The effort includes product and packaging innovations; a campaign of print and television; and high impact alternative media choices. The advertising campaign was created by Kotex brand's agency of record, Ogilvy & Mather, led by the agency's Chicago office.

"We are a lifelong brand to young women and as such constantly leverage new insights from our extensive research with women around the world," said Tim Lehman, President, Adult and Feminine Care Sector, Kimberly-Clark. "The fresh common threads and themes we found, clearly visible in the campaign, help women make sense of the way they feel physically and emotionally during their periods."

The advertising campaign is illustration-based and initially includes three television spots, three print advertisements and the use of a national mall tour.

"Creatively, the campaign shows an illustration of a young woman's world - - not a literal one, but emotional," said Christine Schipke, Group Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather Chicago. "In the campaign, we show a world that springs from a connective line or 'common threads' shared by all women, punctuated by a red dot. Through this, Kotex offers a bigger sense of our young woman's world and the period as just one part. The campaign strengthens its tone of sisterhood with visuals and language that employ a feminine sensibility young women immediately recognize."
"Help women make sense of the way they feel during their periods"? Huh? So now the pad is a therapist too?

Beyond that inane statement, I do think Kotex does good ads. They don't follow the traditional feminie hygiene stereotypes of that mysterious blue liquid, women in white pants skipping, biking and being active, and all those other horrid, bland and stupid executions.

+ Jackie Chan advertises bike in India in billboards and commercials by Ogilvy & Mather for Bajaj's new bike - Discover.

+ Bringing back the effectiveness of the jingle-Part of the Boost Mobile advertising campaign by Saatchi & Saatchi in New Zealand won two top awards for advertising effectiveness last week for their use of a song "Hook Up", performed by hip hop group Dawn Raid All Stars. "The song spent more than 10 weeks in the New Zealand music charts - reaching number eight - hit number one in Samoa and was twice performed live on TV2's Top of the Pops programme."

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