Sunday, December 05, 2004

:: adgruntie :: Knickers in a twist- will it be banned?

+ Brits and Comedy.

+ The Lovable lingerie brand launched its bid for the December dollar last Friday, erecting a provocative billboard over the Anzac Bridge.
The hoarding shows an underwear-clad model reclining beneath the tagline: "Come Dasher, come Dancer, come Dave, come John ..."

The convener of the Women's Electoral Lobby, Sarah Maddison, said the perceived play on the word "come" was "offensive and denigrating", and called for tighter regulations on open-air advertising. "People have no say over what information they consume in billboards, so why can't we have the same classifications that we have for movies? Why can't we insist billboards have a G rating?" she asked.

Lovable's marketing manager, Dianne Taylor, said the ad was "merely sexy, not sexist - just a bit of cheeky fun, and really just about empowering the female. It's a come-hither attitude we're capturing. Every second supermodel or celebrity has an underwear line - it's the latest fashionable thing. It's a tough market. You need to be edgy and stay relevant."
The ad was created at George Patterson Bates ad agency by a team of women.

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