Saturday, January 29, 2005

:: design :: Design Mags On The Redesign Rampage

+ Yesterday I picked up HOW and Print. Funny thing is both magazines have done a redesign and both launched them at the same time. I think HOW did a better job. Print feels more cluttered and almost too busy. HOW also has a piece on how the redesign happened.

Over at there's a post on Print's redesign. And I have to say I do agree with what he says. There's a feeling of trying too hard on the new logo/masthead to be "trendy". And it feels false.

Print's redesign was done by Abbott Miller, a partner in Pentagram's New York office, and his lead designer John Kudos.

HOW's redesign was done by DJ Stout, a partner in Pentagram's Austin, Texas office, and senior designer Erin Mayes.

Looks like Pentagram's Texas designers beat out the ones in NYC. ;)

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