Monday, March 14, 2005

:: adgruntie :: Ad blips on Monday

+ Lewis Lazare reviews the new campaign for UPS by the Martin Agency and the new Pork campaign by the Richards Group in Dallas.

+ Ads in TV shows, a.k.a. product placement. The way I see it, most product placement is really just branding. Very few use it to demonstrate features of a product or to introduce something new. So there's still a need for communicating those kind of messages, whether they be through print or tv or whatever other media. The other question is how far can product placement go? It can create awareness but as we all know (or should) awareness only goes so far. Will "Nip/Tuck"'s viewers go running out to purchase XM Satellite Radio just because it was shown on the show? Will people rush to the stores to purchase flavored Crest toothpaste just because the Donald featured the brand as part of the competition?

+ Those MLB ads featuring fans which I mentioned back in January will be airing soon. Finalists were flown to Miami for the shoot in mid Feb. Peter Gilbert of Non-Fiction Spots, who directed the first series of "I Live For This" commercials and directed the documentary "Hoop Dreams," directed the commercials.The new commercials will run through April 30 on ESPN, FOX, TBS and and feature fans selected for the commercials who told attention-getting stories about their endless devotion to Major League Baseball and their favorite teams. The 13 fans who were selected for the six commercials were: Red Sox fans Karen Fogerty and Cheryl DiRocco; Astros fans Josh Galla and Idrees Tily; Angels fans George, Jason, Jeff and Mike Abraham; Dodgers fan Luis Perez; Yankees fans Sean Mannion, Miguel Alvarez and Karlton Craig; and Cardinals fan Laura Janaske.

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