Monday, March 14, 2005

:: adgruntie :: Yes, Words Are Important!

+ Hidden pointed out this article from the Guardian over at AdLand.
It seems obvious that words must be important to brands because words are needed to tell their stories. But it's surprising how they have neglected the power of language, channelling most of their energy and creativity into the logos and visuals that for many people still represent the totality of 'branding'.

Things are changing now, and brands are now paying more attention to their tone of voice. It's fundamental: brands need to differentiate, create engagement, send signals about what they are, just as people do. The words we use and the way we use them are fundamental to our identities as people, our 'brands'.
Simmons' bottom line is that "The clever brands are recognising this and realising that engaging words are relatively cheap. A little creative effort spent on distinctive language has a big impact on internal and external commitment." I couldn't agree more.

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