Tuesday, March 15, 2005

:: adgruntie :: Another Rant On Importance of Creativity

+ Adage.com on Monday published an article from Rance Crain, the publication's editor-in-chief, titled "Why Established Methods of Advertising are the Answer".
Influential consumers seem to want to be wooed in traditional media, while marketers are gearing up to hit them and everybody else when and where they’re not expecting ad messages.

That’s a dangerous path to take.

Most consumers expect and tolerate ads on TV and in magazines and newspapers, but I contend that putting ads on virtually every blade of grass will build resentment for advertising everywhere -- even in traditional media.
And I couldn't agree more with that.

Then there's Scott Donaton's counter-point article to the same topic, "Why We Must Forge Ahead Into New Methods of Advertising" in which he states, "But unless marketers advance more creative solutions, this segment potentially moves forward with only limited ad involvement."

So Donaton is claiming that more creative solutions are the answer. But if you're putting out advertising that is at the same boring, uncreative level as the TV advertising which people are turning away from, then what's the point? All you are doing is creating more clutter- and eventually people will find a way to avoid that. Creativity is the answer. And I will continue to blather on about it until someone gets it. You cannot just expect to put out more advertising via new channels/media and still expect that people won't become as frustrated with it as they have with TV advertising. It's not so much about changing the media as it is about changing how we communicate the messages.

It's about quality over quanity. And reach through creativity vs. bombardment by frequency. No matter what media you are using, traditional or not.

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