Monday, March 07, 2005

:: adgruntie :: Modernista!, Suave & Flicka

+ Rockport has picked Modernista! as its new advertising agency of record. Previously advertising was handled by The Arnell Group in New York. It will be interesting to see how Modernista! handles the creative for this account.

+ DM News reports on Suave's new campaign.
The theme, "Can You Tell?" refers to Suave's challenge to women to see whether they can tell the difference between Suave and more expensive hair-care brands. In the campaign, women can compare Suave with other brands for themselves at temporary salons in several cities, and they can compare images of women whose hair has been washed and styled with several hair-care brands at a dedicated Web site.
The salon idea is neat. Apparently they do one side with Suave and the other side with more expensive brands so you can see there is no difference.

+ Dab at AdLand gives an update on Flicka's campaign to teach girls to question media. This time the campaign shows what models look like under their retouching. Interesting.

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