Wednesday, March 16, 2005

:: adgruntie :: Pier 1 & UK alcohol ad rules

+ Pier 1 will start a new campaign on Monday, without celebrity help. Their past efforts included Kirstie Alley (successful) and Thom Filicia from "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" (not so successful). This time around they are focusing on the products themselves. The new campaigns are created by Deutsch, NY and will include 15-sec spots and 30-sec spots that "incorporate animation, beginning with abstract images based on the colors and patterns of a Pier 1 product. Created by artists from Stockholm, Sweden, and London, the animated segments evolve to reveal the items that inspired them: an Indian rug in one, a Tibetan-themed nightstand in the other."
Competition has contributed to a year and a half of weak sales at Pier 1. The trouble worsened as the company, which changed ad agencies in late 2004, stayed off television while it reworked its approach.

"We have more media weight behind this new campaign than anything we've ever done," said Phil Schneider, Pier 1's executive vice president of marketing. "We have really high expectations and really believe it is going to help the turnaround of our business."
The new tagline "Life More Interesting" will aslo be used in radio, newspaper, and magazine ads.

+ The BBC reports that the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice (BCAP) has put together guidelines that would keep TV advertisers from portraying alcohol as an "aid to seduction" or showing it alongside themes strongly appealing to under 18s. The new rules which were put into effect January 1st and are currently under review will be enforced starting in October.
Advertisements should also avoid suggesting alcohol could enhance attractiveness, say the Ofcom rules. But showing "mild flirtation" and romance would be acceptable.

Alcohol could not be shown being used as an aid to seduction or enhancing a person's attractiveness," said the BCAP guidance. They should also refrain from making links to sexual motive or include sexual contact, and ads should not imply that sexual activity has taken place or is about to take place.

Any which contain themes likely to draw in the under 18s will also be forbidden. Themes include using personalities with strong youth appeal such as pop, TV or sports stars, teenage rebelliousness, and music and dance likely to appeal to that age group.

The second set of rules are designed to crack down on health and dietary claims being made by advertisers promoting alcohol. It should not be suggested that an alcoholic drink could be a source of nourishment or suitable as part of a fitness or weight control regime, said BCAP, which writes the industry codes of practice that are policed by the Advertising Standards Authority.
This applies to Michelob Ultra's marketing which positions the brand as a part of a healthy lifestyle. It will be interesting to see how this is enforced and whether the attempt to enforce these rules will take a toll on Ofcom.

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