Wednesday, March 16, 2005

:: adgruntie :: Just do it and other commands

+ The Institute for Infinitely Small Things has started on a new project, The International Database of Corporate Commands.The Institute goes on to state:
It is the hypothesis of the Institute for Infinitely Small Things that these commands, largely and consciously ignored by a public over-saturated with advertisements, function at the scale of the infinitely small. Tiny events that do not disturb one's consciousness or disrupt one's identity as "free" agents, these commands seep under the surface of the individual and lay claim to the territory of the Deleuzian Virtual. Desire, memory, and future potentiality become territories for conquest and tactics for social and political control.

By compiling, tabulating, concretizing and enacting these commands in the International Database of Corporate Commands (IDCC), the Institute for Infinitely Small Things seeks to better understand the mechanisms behind this deployment of power and its larger cultural ramifications.
A writer from The Weekly Dig went on an outting with the group and writes about the adventure and the organization here.

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