Friday, May 20, 2005

:: adgruntie :: Seductive Veggies

+ Vegetarians sex up their advertising to persuade people to eat their greens.
Kerry Bennett of the National Vegetarian Society said the film had been around for some time until it was accidentally sent out to members of the public last month. "We showed it in a few cinemas a little while back but since then it has been something of a favourite among the staff in the office," Ms Bennett said. "Unfortunately it got sent out to a few people by mistake last month and some of them rang up to either feign mock embarrassment or simply say how good it was.

"We realised then that it fitted perfectly with our theme this year which is 'Can you keep it up for a week'. It may be full of innuendo but it still has a serious message about trying to turn people on to vegetarianism."
The film can be viewed at the chairty's site They are running it to coincide with National Vegetarian Week (May 23rd thru May 29th).

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