Friday, June 17, 2005

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+ Been caught up in a few things and haven't had much time to post recently. And most likely I won't have time to post for a couple days. Here's a couple quick thing to take a look at:

+ Dabitch over at AdLand has created a new mailing list for viral ads. Find out more about ViralBomb here.

+ Durex has a new campaign "Dickorations" running as print in Maxim, FHM, etc and with a web site where you can print out costumes for your, uh, lower member, ranging from tuxedos to superhero cape. Sounds perfect for their target. Although I do have to wonder if any of them will actually print the darn things out and use them. It does remind me a bit of the Tampax print ad with the paper doll-like clothes for the tampon. Via Print Critic.

+ The Independent takes a look down memory lane at stereotypes of women in ads from the 1950s through today with BA's latest commercial.

+ looks like a bizarre but interesting concept from the Ad Council. Their web ads have been all over Not sure which agency had a hand in producing this but, from what little I saw it looks pretty good.

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