Saturday, July 23, 2005

:: adgruntie :: Adult Ed Billboards Yanked

+ Buffalo News reports that 16 billboards for the Buffalo Public Schools Adult Education Division are being replaced with toned down versions. The various ads currently feature a used car salesman with the words "I can do better" across it in a graffiti style font. Another ad features a hamburger with the same text. People who complained thought the ads were "belittling". What's interesting to note about the boards is the lack of mention who they are for. There's no logo. There's no mention of how you should go about doing better. But apparently this is more of a teaser campaign. The billboards are being pulled only a week before new ads were to go up. The new 20 billboards' copy is more mild with "Do better", and this time a phone number. The ads were created by Travers Collins.

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