Thursday, August 25, 2005

:: adgruntie :: Actors whoring themselves out?

+ Heath Ledger attacks actors who "whore" themselves in ads. A while back Russell Crow made a similar comment about actors who appear in ads.
Ledger said he did not care about his image in the movie industry and hit out at image-conscious movie stars who appear in adverts.

"I'm certainly not someone who wants to go out and sell Tag Heuer watches and L'Oreal and all that whole stupid fashion that has come in right now," Ledger said.

"It is whoring ourselves for millions of dollars.

"I'm not sure I put thought into how I want to be perceived and how I come across.

"I've never really concentrated on that. All my effort goes in between the time of action and cut."
Although unlike Crow, Ledger didn't mention anyone in particular.

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