Sunday, August 28, 2005

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+ Can Kodak be cool and warm? They sure are trying. With the help of Ogilvy, Kodak is working to transform their brand to something that retains it's branding of "warm and fuzzy" but also adds cool and innovative. The brand transformation is touching every aspect of Kodak (possibly even including a logo redesign) to the tune of $500 million.
The article describes some of the new advertising, which still seem more warm and fuzzy than cool and hip. So far there are 2 :60 TV spots, :60 and :120 movie commericals, and a 6 minute webcast all based around a guide taking a group of "eager youngsters" on a gallery tour".
Each starts out with an affable-looking guide taking a group of eager youngsters on a gallery tour. In one 60-second spot, internally titled "Innovation," they pass a suited astronaut looking at a framed picture of himself on the moon, a group of dentists looking at X-rays, and Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd asking directions to the 1893 World's Fair ("Over in digital restoration," they're told). It ends with a little girl saying, "This place is cool, what's it called?" The answer, of course, is Kodak. The tag line is "Keep it digital. Keep it Kodak."

In "Emotion," the second short spot, family pictures are interspersed with historical shots, like Muhammad Ali when he was still Cassius Clay. "Shhh," says the guide, "can you hear them?" The pictures, he says, are saying "Keep me, protect me, share me, and I will live forever." As the children excitedly say, "I can hear them!" the camera pans to a well-dressed old man looking wistfully at a photograph of a smiling middle-aged woman that you know is his late wife. The tag line: "Keep it forever. Keep it Kodak."
So it seems they are advertising their Kodak Gallery more than anything else (previously

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