Sunday, August 28, 2005

:: adgruntie:: Complainers suck

+ Over at AdLand, Dabitch pointed out that One Million Moms group has started a protest over Dish Network's latest ad campaign because it "teaches kids to use crude language." What's the crude language? The word "Sucks". Now apparently One Million Dads group is also in on the protest. Is "sucks" really that terrible of a word? I can think of 100s that are worse.

I'm sorry but aren't there more important things for parent groups to be concerned with? There has to be. The worst part too is that if these groups actually do good deeds (of which I'm not sure they do- they could just be those whiney groups) than proteesting something as benign as this makes them look stupid and ruins their reputation of the good they do. Whipping up a storm over silly things just blows.

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