Friday, August 12, 2005

:: media :: Target targets the New Yorker

+ A first for the New Yorker, they will have a single advertiser sponsor an entire issue.
The Aug. 22 issue of The New Yorker, due out Monday, will carry 17 or 18 advertising pages, all brought to you by the Target discount store chain owned by the Target Corporation. The Target ads will even supplant the mini-ads from mail-order marketers that typically fill small spaces in the back of the magazine.
The Target ads, in the form of illustrations by more than two dozen artists like Milton Glaser, Robert Risko and Ruben Toledo, are to run only the one time in the issue. They are intended to salute New York City and the people who live - and shop - there.
All illustrations/ads will feature the red and white target and from the couple of samples shown in the article, they look like they are b/w with red spot color. Woop-de-doo.
The really only semi-interesting bit is that "there is to be no editorial acknowledgement of the sponsorship." Which is good really. If Target has bought all the ad space in the magazine, do people need to be bombarded by it in the editorial as well? No. I'd think that'd be a bit overkill.

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