Saturday, January 21, 2006

:: adgruntie :: Coke gets in on SB hype

+ It's funny. You have to laugh a bit at least at the advertisers who are trying to get in on the Super Bowl gossip, while not having their ad run during the game, Coca Cola. Granted as Diet Pepsi is the sponsor of the NFL, perhaps they cannot. Although last year we saw a beer ad for a brand other than AB, so I'm not sure what the regulations are on that anymore.

But it's always amusing to see brands try to get in on the hype. It's also nothing new.
Coke, will showcase two 15-second commercials and a 60-second commercial for its Full Throttle energy drink. The Super Bowl ads will be the first television advertisements for Full Throttle.

The beverage company will also be advertising its Vault carbonated energy drink before the game through two 30-second commercials, bringing its ad spend for the Super Bowl to about $3.5 million.

"This is the ultimate guy event and with us having two guy-focused brands that we didn't have before, it was a great fit," said Coke spokeswoman Susan McDermott.
Coke will also be airing ads during the Oscars, as Pepsi decided not to return as the shows sponsor this year.

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