Saturday, January 21, 2006

:: adgruntie :: Microsoft tries to shake off "huge American" image

+ A new Microsoft advertising campaign will aim to erase its image as "a huge American company." The $120 million campaign by McCann Erickson will include television, print and the Internet, narration by William Macy and "highlights Microsoft's education and economic development projects in 32 countries, including France and Taiwan.

Well, good luck!
"We are often perceived as a huge American company," group advertising manager Mike Lucero said Friday in an interview.

"We wanted to be very specific about what we are doing in each country in education, innovation, economic opportunity and security," he said.
Yes but you're not going to shake off the fact that you're seen as a massive American company, because that's exactly what you are!

It's strange that Microsoft wants to fight this notion. Or attempt to change it. Although I suppose in the current state of socio-political world we're living in right now, maybe they feel it's damaging to their business.

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