Monday, January 09, 2006

:: adgruntie :: Emotion, schmotion.

+ Brandweek (and other VNU pubs like Adweek) is running a piece in their "Feature & Opinion" section by Leslie Picot-Zane, owner of The Center for Emotional Marketing, a brand consultancy.

The article ponders if advertising is too emotional. She basically says that all ad creatives want to make branding type ads, rather than help the client sell their product. Sure. That's the ticket! The end of the piece basically states that there needs to be a balance between the emotional sell and the "logical" sell. No shit? Really. Wow, my eyes are opened up now! Way to state the obvious honey.

I'm sorry but this article feels like a paid ad spot for a company that doesn't even have a web site up yet. Try googling "Center for Emotional Marketing" and you get a couple references to the name but no site. At the end of the article there is a web address, which goes to a "under construction" type page.

If you want to talk marketing, perhaps you should do some work on your own before trying to become some ad guru in the pages of Brandweek or Adweek or wherever else this article is running. Just a thought.

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