Saturday, January 21, 2006

:: superbowl xl :: Emerald Nut to advertise SB ad

+ To Emerald Nuts, it's not enough to have a spot *in* the Super Bowl which is being covered by many many journalists and media. No, they have to advertise the fact.
Ads-for-ads makes sense to Tim Cannon, Emerald's director of marketing. He tells The Wall Street Journal they're looking for a way to break through the clutter.
The company will be running newspaper ads in The New York Times and USA Today, to tout their :30 Super Bowl spot.

Another report says "the company hopes to capitalize on the word-puzzle aspect of the campaign by running ads featuring the letter jumble next to the crossword puzzle in The New York Times, and inviting readers to submit their own variations online." It's unclear at the moment if the letter jumble will run as the teaser to the ad or run afterwards.

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