Friday, February 10, 2006

:: adgruntie :: Last chance to pimp myself

+ Today is the last day to vote for AdLand's Battle of the Ad Blogs, so I figure what the hell. Head here and toss a vote my way, if you so desire.

It's amusing how serious some of the sites nominated have taken this. One was going to give out cupcakes if you voted for him (how exactly, I dunno.) I did think for a second that it'd be funny to tell all 10 of my readers I'd post a boobie flash for ya if I won, but I'm really not that hungup on winning. Plus the girls don't need that kind of exposure. ;)

I have to say I'm impressed that I've kept up with AdScam, and am not horribly behind Ernie or Adpulp (well a decent amount, but hey I'll call it respectable!) It's funny how I'm the only female ad blogger in that category. In fact, it's sorta interesting that there aren't more female bloggers in any of the categories. But really that's neither here nor there. It's all about the blogging. Screw gender. :D

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