Thursday, March 16, 2006

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+ Yeah, I'm sure you've heard about HHCC's blog/site. It's sorta funny that the blog goes back to Feb 9th, because I swear I went to the site after that and was still getting their horrible powerpoint influenced layout, that they had put up after getting rid of the very cool although not super user friendly moving bridge image thing (can't think of a better way to describe it right now- had to be the shade of blue though that made me think of it.) I guess I'm wrong...or maybe they started posting before the whole thing went live.

I do find it interesting that they hired Ernie Schenck to help write their blog for them. Don't they have any skilled writers in house that could do the job? Or I guess perhaps they are too busy doing the work for the client that they needed to outsource. Or maybe Ernie gave up the freelance gig and they hired him on. Who knows. Just pointing it out.

I have to say my favorite poster bio has to be this one "I don't know Victoria's Secret, my beard came in 2nd in two categories in the latest beard contest." rock!

It will be interesting to see how their blog "evolves", as most do with time.

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