Thursday, March 16, 2006

:: adgruntie :: Sales or Profit?

+ An article takes a look at a presentation by Syracuse University Professor John Philip Jones at the annual Southern African Marketing Research Council (SAMRA) conference, which was themed around the question: "Are you in business for sales or profit? How promotions produce sales but only advertising produces profit."
Jones emphasizes that scientific research has proved that higher continuity has far greater reach for brands: "rather add weeks to the media schedule than throw more money at campaigns. This is standard practice at many big brand companies now".

He shared the following recipe: 'Good Cooks Make Briyani'(substitute Boerewors in SA!)
G = Gatekeeper: short term effect
C = Continuity
M = Medium-term effect
B = Brand-building

And his final word on advertising effectiveness: "Make sure you are using advertising properly in terms of creative, media and advertising. You need to apply skill and resources. You have to observe - know what is going on. Strong brands are only possible with strong market research."
Definitely some interesting points to consider.

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