Tuesday, April 18, 2006

:: adgruntie :: ADC golds

+ Unimpressed with some of the winners for the ADC awards. Apparently, and Sony's "Balls" was the most awarded television spot with one gold (TV over 30 seconds) and two silvers (cinematography, TV over 30 seconds. Whatever. It's cool and all but I dunno...seems more of a silver to me than gold. Adidas' "Hello Tomorrow" got gold in the advertising category. (*yawn*) That ad was so overhyped. The print execution of Ground Zero's "Do you see music? (Exercise Your Music Muscle)" print execution for Virgin Digital got a well deserved gold, even though that particular idea was eerily similar to the print done for Stella Artois earlier that year. Personally I prefered the TV/viral spot they did back in March. Radio spots from DDB/Chicago's ongoing Bud Light "Real Men of Genius" campaign and DeVito/Verdi's National Thoroughbred Racing Association campaign for the spots "Grandma," "Video" and "Backyard BBQ" won golds. And Dentsu's Ground got a gold for goo.com work in the hybrid category.

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