Tuesday, April 18, 2006

:: adgruntie :: VW Safe Happens

+ VW Jetta's new spots are really unsettling. Last night I caught two, almost in a row (can't remember if that was the same channel or if they were on different ones via flipping around). They fall into a category of 1)shocking people and playing off their fears and 2) pissing people off who have been in an experience like that that they might not want to remember (or have had family members, friends, blah blah in similar scenario).

Either way I suppose you could call them impactful (golly, that's such a horrid pun, huh?) as they make you stop in your tracks. It's the first work for the line by CP+B.

Only downside? I couldn't remember if the ads were for the Jetta or Passat.

If you're a superadgrunt, check out the spots here at AdLand's Commercial Archive: Movie and Like.

On a semi-related note, VW is bringing back the Rabbit to the US. Check out the sweet logo on the main page of the VW site.

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