Friday, April 28, 2006

:: adgruntie :: Norton Sucks For Ad Sites

+ Because of Norton's "ad" blocking, has switched over to their other domain Commercial Archive for purposes of getting around the crappiness of being blocked and having to deal with users who can't see the site because this handy-and-undandy software blocks the url because it contains the letters "a" and "d" next to each other of the "ad-" and because it contains less than five letters after "ad". (Also blocks ad(dot) and ad(slash)-so any site or ad/something would be blocked.)(ta to Dabitch for the clarification)

Dabitch gives all the dirt right here. What's really insane about the whole thing is that if you are big enough and have enough cash, you can buy your way to the white list and still serve up ads to those who pay good money to not be bothered by advertising.

So if you've been trying to check out ad-related sites and are running Norton or some other similar thing, this is why.

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