Wednesday, May 03, 2006

:: adgruntie :: What's with the "Man" thing?

+ CPB has tipped off the press to a new campaign for Miller Lite that will be breaking May 15th (i'm guessing based on the date on the microsite which launched Monday). It focuses on men drinking beer, with some celebs having discussions about "Man Laws". Ads star former National Football League star Jerome Bettis; the World Wrestling Entertainment wrestler Triple H; Aron Ralston, the rock climber who cut off part of his arm after being pinned under a boulder; and the discussion group's leader, the actor Burt Reynolds.
"Beer is so tied in to male culture," Mr. Bogusky said. "And I think the tradition of sort of settling things over a beer and figuring out the world over beer is a strong one. It's one of the nicer aspects of beer, and it's one of the reasons that it's a powerful cultural beverage."
Interestingly enough, Crispin also just broke a spot for Burger King which follows a similar theme titled "Manthem" to promote the Texas Double Whopper.

This isn't new really either as during the past few years other brands went this route, like Milwaukee's Best which started a campaign last year by Mother NY all about being the brew for real men. Which is also a Miller brand.

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