Monday, July 31, 2006

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+ Chrysler's Dr. Z campaign is a flop according to Adage. What a surprise. The ads are nothing but annoying. They attempt to be humorous but fall totally flat. He's not likeable, funny or at all interesting. What is interesting is that he's not even German. The Guardian claims "But the emphasis on German culture is slightly misplaced: Dr Zetsche was born in Istanbul. He joined the research department of Daimler-Benz in 1976."

Personally I think it's the wrong tactic to take to try to introduce people to the German engineering in an American car. I have to say I'd be curious to see what other concepts BBDO came up with and presented besides this one. My guess is that there was something better. There had to be. It's just one more example of poor decision making - there are few times it really works to use the president, or in this case chairman, in advertising. Most often they are poor actors, and can end up hurting sales more than helping. (Of course there are examples where it worked well, like Dave for Wendy's, etc).

In other automotive advertising news, I have to say I'm thrilled that the Ford ads featuring Mandy Moore singing are no longer playing 24/7. The other ones featuring the new Idol winner (who's name escapes me, and I'm not really interested enough to do a quick google search for it) are just as annoying, and thankfully also on a lower buy - at least for now.

One thing to consider when putting ads together that seems to escape some - if you've got a massive buy with loads and loads of frequency, please please please take into consideration the fact that those of us bombarded by the music in the spot will get sick of it much much more quickly that a buy with lower frequency. There are times I just change the channel because I'll go insane if I have to listen to the jingle/music/etc one more time in an ad that otherwise I'd let slide or just tune out. There is another ad too but thankfully I cannot remember who it's for - I believe it's a local dealership spot - which falls into the same category. I'd have to say it's got to be one of the worst jingles I've heard all year long if not ever.

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