Saturday, August 05, 2006

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+ Thursday Adage reported on the PTC wanting Toyota and Chrysler to pull advertising from Rescue Me.
Citing Nielsen data, Ms. Caldwell said more than 130,000 people under the age of 18 typically watch "Rescue Me," and children as young as 2 are viewers. "We're not saying parents have no obligation. But advertisers have an obligation," she said. "If a line is to be drawn in the sand, it will be by advertisers," because the program won't air without ads.
Every time Rescue Me airs, it's after 10pm, for the reason that the content is not appropriate for younger viewers. If the group wants advertisers to take action because some idiotic parent is letting their 2 year old watch the show with them at that time, perhaps they need to instead be educating parents about what is appropriate viewing for their children or, maybe even ask the question "why is your 2 year old awake at 10pm?"

Is it worse than Dr. Phil having people on who are sleeping with their grandmother or the many many many other shows that air when 2 year olds are typically awake? In some ways, sure. But that is why even the repeats do not air on FX until the 10pm watershead. argh.

Another question I have is that if Neilsen data only is aquired from 5,000 households, how do they get the number that 130,000 of the viewers are in fact under 18? I've already ranted on their "data" so I won't again.

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