Thursday, July 13, 2006

:: adgruntie :: Fallon and Senn on Fallon

+ I received a copy of the Fallon book by Pat Fallon and Fred Senn, titled "Juicing the Orange" to review. I'm only a few pages in so far as work has been a bit nutty. One thing I did notice that struck me as a little odd is that in the first chapter, they talk about "ad agency legends such as David Ogilvy (of Ogilvy & Mather) and Bill Bernbach (of Doyle Dane Bernbach)." Now I'm guessing that might be the work of an editor who knew nothing of these legends and was afraid others reading the book might not know who they were either. But if you work in advertising or marketing, you should know who they are. A bit of "talking down" to your readers buy including that. Plus, who now-a-days calls DDB by it's full name? If you wanted to clarify, it probably would have made more sense to call the agency DDB.

I did like this bit so far, probably because I've dealt with too many clients who have a fear of the word "creative" and see the world just like this:
In the world of marketing communications, "creative" typically means "self-indulgent", the kind of art for art's sake ads that win awards but don't affect a client's bottom line. In the larger business world, creativity can be an even more pejorative word. Innovation is prized, but creativity conjures images of an improv group brought in for a team-building exervise, or empty exhortations to "think outside the box".

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