Tuesday, August 22, 2006

:: adgruntie :: Folgers goes gourmet

+ Will it be a tough job to sell Folgers gourmet line? The campaign will break in September, created by Saatchi & Saatchi, Ny and will include television, print and online ads.
Folgers knows better than to aim at consumers who are diehard Starbucks fans. Instead, it is going after customers who drink a cheaper coffee every morning at home, but consider finer coffee to be a special treat. (In one television ad, a woman stands in her kitchen, dreamily sipping coffee, until her banana-throwing toddler interrupts her reverie.)

The brand is hoping there is an opening in the category for a "gourmet-inspired coffee that could be consumed on an everyday basis," said Gennifer Hobbs, a management supervisor at Saatchi & Saatchi who worked on the Folgers account.

"We know from research that currently she's saving her coffee for special occasions," Ms. Hobbs said. "She does go to Starbucks occasionally, but this is more of a mainstream coffee drinker."
Hey that's me! hahah. Smart that they are avoiding attacking Starbucks. But this is actually a very smart segment to go after. I too will buy expensive, high-quality coffee, but usually only have it on weekends or when people are over. Because I tend to have anywhere from 1-3 cups in the morning though afternoon, I will get a cheaper coffee for everyday. In fact, the cheaper coffee isn't horrid, but the blends aren't as tasty and they can have a more burnt flavor from the roasting process. But there's nothing like a fine blend of coffee that just hits the spot. Personally I think some of the best coffee I've had has been special blends of different types of coffee. I've even done it myself from the whole bean bins at the store. A little Colombian, a little French Roast, a smidge of Kona, etc. My uncle has his own magic blend that is absolutely fantastic. Oh, wait I digressed didn't I?

I will be curious to see if Folgers follows up on the Happy Sunshine viral from July for this campaign.

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