Tuesday, October 31, 2006

:: adgruntie :: Comcast rant sorta

+ Last night while watching TV, I started thinking about Comcast's advertising strategy. Is there one? Is it to saturate the marketplace with their ads? Thinking about the spots I've seen recently, I found it interesting that Comcast has so many spots that are somewhat unrelated. And there are so many campaigns simultanously running, it's sort of strange. There are the turtles, the comcast labs spots, the new random ones which I suppose could be part of the labs but I don't recall seeing that come up at the end, so I can't say.

The one that really bothers me though is the Comcast Labs - Dishes spot. The audio is so out of sync with the video and it drives me batty every time I see it. You'd think someone would have fixed it. But no, it continues to air all screwy. Grr.

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