Tuesday, October 31, 2006

:: adgruntie :: Why viral campaigns fail

+ AzA Creations' new report provides a list of top 10 reasons viral campaigns fail.
1. Neglecting promotion and seeding. Utilise mailing lists, press releases, forums and invest in banner impressions or PPC.

2. Failing to create an incentive for users to pass it along. Make the content itself good/funny – according to AzACreations, 88% of web users say they have forwarded on jokes or cartoons.

3. Failing to capitalise on a campaign that proves successful. If your campaign starts to take off, ask yourself whether you can get any further publicity, further monetise incoming traffic or use it to generate leads.

4. Trying to copy a popular viral campaign when it doesn't fit your aims. If a campaign isn't suited for you, you will end up with something that’s out of synch with your brand.

5. Failing to integrate viral campaigns with other marketing efforts. Implement the concept of viral marketing to other campaign processes, and test out different types of viral campaigns.

6. Using a sledgehammer rather than a fine scalpel. Simple ideas, such as email signatures, often produce better results.

7. Failing to understand the SEO value of viral marketing. Try designing viral pieces around your important keywords, and provide users with easy means to link to your application or site.

8. Forgetting to ask the user to take action. Encourage them to submit an email or sign up for a newsletter, as well as adding the application to their website or blog.

9. Not making it easy enough for users to forward content. Use send to friend forms, single button clicks etc.

10. Confusing your marketing message with 'the hook' that will attract users. Don't be too self promoting.

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