Monday, January 22, 2007

Slate noticed Tampax non-feature push too

+ I while ago I ask why Tampax was touting lame features in their new advertising, such as "no slip grip". Recently, Slate reviewed the ads campaign as well.
Of course, every brand also touts its superior technology. Elkinton can talk for hours about "tapered applicator barrels" and "a finger grip with flared grooves" and a "unique, double-layer, folded pledget." The other tampons play this game, too. I'm in no position to comment, but my sources assure me these high-tech applicator distinctions are fairly meaningless. In fact, one brand, o.b., has bowed out of the applicator race altogether, instead making its lack of an applicator its central selling point: "You control where it goes and place it where it fits just right for you."

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