Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Citibank's new campaign to git 'er done

+ Citibank recently launched a new campaign with a new tagline, "Let's get it done." Every time I hear it all I can think of is "Get 'er done".

Watch the new Citi TV spot here by Seattle-based Publicis West.

Here's the microsite for the campaign launch.

The original get 'er done video, also a phrase used by Larry the Cable Guy.

Funny write up about the campaign at

The Adweek write up ends with this bit of drivel:
The spot offers something for everyone, from the parent who worries about funding his kid's education to the CEO merging a company. The opening and closing shots of the cute little boy in the blue raincoat letting go of his mom's hand and going off on his own is endearing and reminiscent of childhood dreams and making the future reality. The tagline is actionable and may just make people believe that Citi is the partner they've been looking for. After all, it's not about what you're dreaming, but what you're going to do.
So, let's see, they are saying that:
1) Citibank is trying to be all things to all people - breaking rule #1 of good branding/marketing.
2) Tagline is actionable - true but it's less punchy than it should be to be actionable. And I'd think that something more along the lines of "We help you get it done" would have been much better - implying they are there for you - let's get it done could easily mean let's take all your money and charge you ridiculous amounts of interest so we can make a profit. ;)
3) Probably not intentional but at least the TV spot and idea of dreams/future to reality idea is basically the same concept Bank of America is using in their new campaign "Bank of Opportunity" - click link to see the ads.

And for fun, here's a BOA commercial from the 1950s produced at John Hubley's Storyboard, boarded and designed by Hubley and Bob Guidi, and animated by Rod Scribner:

(via the very neat Cartoon Modern which is a blog for the book Cartoon Modern: Style and Design in Fifties Animation.)

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