Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mountain Dew makes Green Label Art

+ Back in 2005, Coca Cola launched a line of five collectable aluminum bottles called the Magnificent 5 or M5, designed by some of the top graphic design studios around the world, which were to be sold only at the hippest nightclubs.

Yesterday, Pepsi Co's Mountain Dew launched a microsite promoting its new Green Label Art project, which is pretty much the same thing. Green Label Art features the individual artists, and includes a video of them showing what they do, which is nice. Additionally, they are running a contest for people to submit their own designs (deadline June 30th) which will be voted on by the public and the winner will get $10,000 plus have their bottle produced.

Seems like Pepsi is in a design phase as they also have a Design your Pepsi Can promo going on (hat tip Clay)

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