Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Adding Value for Shoppers

+ Add value to reach today's shoppers.
Whether at the grocery store or the mall, shoppers are engaging in "selective shopping behaviors," making it critical for marketers and retailers alike to ensure that when vying for shoppers' attention, they deliver on the obligation to provide something relevant.

Simply put, shopper ROI is all about what shoppers get for giving marketers and retailers their attention.

Think about it. Marketing at the national level can lead shoppers into a store, down an aisle, to a shelf and a brand. But what totals up and translates into a sale at that point? As a shopper stands before a shelf or display case, what prompts him or her and provides the desired reaction? What activates the shopper's senses and results in a good return on his or her investment in terms of time, effort, thought and expenditure? What, in fact, constitutes that shopper's ROI?

More than at any other time in history, shoppers in today's online era may be well educated about a product or service before they even reach the store. Having invested a good deal of time in that education, shoppers look for -- and deserve -- a return on their investment that goes beyond simply the product or service they are buying.
The article continues on to point out 6 leverage points. They include: Price value, Shop-ability, Convenience, Smile for the Mind (an emotional reward), Empathy, and Experience.

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